YouTube and Your Business

Today you are going to learn all about YouTube.

You might be wondering how YouTube relates to internet marketing. YouTube is an extension of the Google search engine.  It’s a video search engine. Millions of people search YouTube every day for informative, entertaining and inspiring content.  

People are searching YouTube for the content you are building on your YouTube channel. If you can create video content (even with a smart phone!) you can execute this strategy.

To start finding leads in YouTube go through the following exercise.

Answer this question: What is the biggest pain point of your ideal prospect?

For example, if you are selling photography lessons or training, you might choose the following pain point: My pictures are low quality.

Then, write down a query that this customer might type into the YouTube search engine. For example, a prospect that might want to improve their photographs might type something like: Photography lessons

Now that you have your main keyword, it’s time to add some long-tail keywords.

Go to YouTube and start typing in the main keyword. In this case we are using photography lessons. As you type it in, YouTube will start to auto suggest a number of secondary keywords that are associated with your main keyword. These secondary keywords are your long-tail keywords.

Record each of the long-tail keywords that is relevant to your audience in a spreadsheet.

Create Short Videos for YouTube

A major part of Google’s YouTube algorithm (the math equation that decides where your videos will rank for a keyword) is watch time.  In other words, how many people that start the video actually finish the video?  How deep into the video do people watch?
To have a high watch time on your videos you will need:

  1. Super, high-value content
  2. Laser-focused content
  3. A short video

The first thing is to ensure that your videos are high quality.  That doesn’t mean you need high-dollar production equipment. You can use your phone or a cheap video recorder.  Just ensure that the video is well lit and the audio is good.

You should invest in a cheap lavaliere microphone (one that pins to your shirt) especially if you are shooting from a distance. Secondly, make sure the video is laser-focused on a single tip, trick, or hack.

Lastly, keep your videos between 1 and 3 minutes. They need to be short and to the point.

Do a quick intro and get into the tip, trick or hack as quickly as possible.  Deliver the value and close with a call-to-action (CTA).

Add a Call-to-Action to Each Video

When shooting your videos, you’ll want to close each video with a call-to-action.  When you upload the video to YouTube, you will use the YouTube Cards function to add the actual CTA button into the video.

When you are shooting the closing to your video, you will want to point in the direction of the call-to-action button, which won’t be there until later when you upload the video.

Need help creating your videos? We can help you tell your story with engaging videos that integrate with your digital marketing strategy. Schedule a free consultation to find out more.

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