Advanced Email + Social Integration by Christopher S. Penn at Social Fresh in Charlotte, NC

Christopher Penn is starting things off on Advanced Email + Social Integration. Social Media isn’t in a vacuum by itself. You need to integrate Social Media with everything else you are doing. Size of your audience matters.

There’s 6 things to do in Social Media.

1. Liking – People need to like you or your business to succeed in business.
2. Reciprocity
3) Social Proof
4) Consistency
5) Authority – Be the authority in your industry or network.
6) Scarcity

Christopher Penn communicates with people on a daily basis by sending people to a landing page with the option of joining more social networks and signing up for his newsletter.

When you are sending out email newsletters show consistency by re-inforcing the email went out by social channels.

Improve your social connections by giving things away. If people “do” what you want them to “do” REWARD them.

Facebook’s API is very possible. Make it very easy for people to sign-up for things and you get wonderful and accurate date straight from their Facebook profile. Makes it very easy for user to sign-up as well. You will need to do some coding, but if you have that available it’s a great idea.

Quick Case Study

Christopher wrote a book and it was going to be sold on Amazon. They have a algorythm the ranks books based on social activity. He connected with his influencial followers (using Klout score) when his book was released. Because of the social activity his book jumped up to #7 on Amazon’s list in marketing.

Christopher moved into talking about the new Multi-Funnel that Google Analytics uses. (I wrote on this a few week back. See

Good and informative information! Reminder I lived blog so there could be a few spelling mistakes.

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