About Klik Marketing – SEO Services 

  • Locations: Charlotte, NC : Duluth, MN : Two Harbors, MN : Fort Mill, SC
  • CEO & President: Eric Fransen 
  • Our Principles: Transparency, Honesty, Quality 
  • Focus: Organic SEO & PPC 

Klik Marketing Headquarters

Klik Marketing Headquarters

This is our story. We started out in 1998 as an internet marketing business called Premier Spot. Over the years, that business evolved to focus more on SEO and SEM services. In 2008, Klik Marketing was born. 

We are based in Charlotte, NC and have a branch office in our CEO’s old hometown of Two Harbors, MN. We also have an office in gorgeous San Jose, Costa Rica. Klik Marketing opened its doors in Charlotte in January of 2009 and has since grown to be one of the top Boutique SEO Firms in Charlotte. Meet our Internet Marketing Consultants.

Our firm is owned and managed by CEO Eric Fransen and has a solid group of SEO Geeks that are waiting to take your business to the next level.

We are built on the principles of honesty, transparency, and top-quality work and have a client-centric approach. Client satisfaction is our top priority. Working with Klik Marketing is similar to having an in-house internet marketing specialist… just much more cost-effective!

For us, it’s not about the rankings. Say What? We aren’t in the SEO business to be judged because we helped rank your keywords in Google. Well, we are, but we take it a step further. We are in the SEO business to increase your revenues. Yes. Increase your revenues! That means we focus on conversion rates and return on investment to help you reach your key business objectives. What do you want out of your internet marketing campaign? The answer to this question is the foundation for the SEO plan we will build specifically for your company. 

How Klik Defines Success

There are factors that determine the success of an SEO campaign, but our number one priority is making sure that we help you reach your specific marketing goals. 

  • Reaching Goals that YOU Set Forward
  • Increasing SALES or LEADS Online
  • Increasing Your ONLINE VISIBILITY In Relevant Communities 
  • Ranking For The MOST RELEVANT Keywords 
  • Building an Online AUDIENCE 
  • Increasing Your Organic CLICK-THROUGH-RATES (CTRs) 

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